Build 4043-4047. Do not install them



Build 4043-4047 were bad builds. If you installed them you will need to revert your content from backup. Builds going forward will be fine.
If you need the backup, on windows it is located here
AppData/High Fidelity/assignment-client/entities


Yeah, I broke it! :frowning:


4048 shows no content in most domains for me… hq, alpha, sandbox etc., Kevin’s Music looks good though. Not sure if I should revert content on my domains or not?

I did change some stuff with those versions so probably should… I guess.


@Twa_Hinkle If you can see content on your domain you should be right; it was the server (not) persisting model data that was the problem in the bad builds.


No,… nothing here… I guess I should revert


Oh well… didn’t lose much only changes after meetup… I hope… Thanks for the quick notification.
There were a few backups that had tiny files… so I went back to before 2pm… seems mostly ok now.




Win build 4096 (and updating to 4097) on the machine on which my Stack Manager is location is crashing on every launch of Interface.exe even when resetting all settings… whereas updates of JUST the Interface worked on my other systems.

What is the route again to fix instant crashing of Interface.exe? What needs to be manually deleted in the settings? it seems “Reset my settings” is not sufficient. Reboot of the machine does not fix it either - as its usually something left hanging around.


Are you still on 32 bit windows?


Not this time… I double checked… its the new 64 bit server I set up. I even deleted all the C:\user<name>stuff for the Interface. I will see if I can uninstall the lot.

Maybe the update process for systems that are running a domain server/stack manager/console are a bit iffy.


Hi @Ai_Austin could you send a callstack ? Or any more crash information?


On assumption you just meant the hifi.log for the Interface… I am sending last two I just redid. By e-mail @Chris

This is with all settings removed and restarting interface, so default robot avatar and default location of hifi://alpha to eliminate any issues with an avatar or my own domain… though those work fine on 3 other systems that don’t have the stack manager/console running on them.

These logs are for fail on exit.