Build 5211 Graphics performance low FPS


Previous builds were on a great render performance improvement track (thanks @Jherico et-al) bunch of other nice fixes, but when I updated to 5211 (latest beta), I noticed render performance dropped a lot. Before I had frame rates 55+ FPS, and now even in my content light Conference domain my FPS tends to be in the 30s, and sometimes tanks to 1.4. Worse, it is intermittent. I was at the last meetup, 16 avatars, and though my FPS was low I could move around, worse than in previous builds but semi-OK. Then sometimes FPS drops to near zero and stays there even when I TP to another domain.

Ran renderstats.js, nothing obvious. Texture memory is not blown out, no transfers.

Back to forum lurking :disappointed:

Very very lagg and i have not idea why

What is this?



Speaking of code, scripts execute in the client. I’m going to be running some buffer overrun tests to see if an entity script can break out of interface and hack the OS.