Build 5749 broke chair script


Build ‘5749 (December 1 at 11:08 PST)’ seems to have broken the chair script from the marketplace.

I noticed the chair script not working anymore. Instead of sitting at the chair center the avatar is sitting far above the chair.
If I uncheck ‘Enable avatar Collisions’ the seating is correct. Standing up from the chair, with avatar collisions turned of, leaves you standing in the ground.

The chair sript used to turn of collisions with ‘MyAvatar.characterControllerEnabled = false’ but that seems to have no effect anymore.

Also: it used to be the avatar started flying when avatar collisions were turned of, but that changed with build 5749 as well. Now the avatar just keeps standing where it stood.


Curious how my chair works.
It’s based on older scropt that not use the zones at all. I made a few small changes in the scropt to make it work. But that worked perfect in the past. and no annoying zones.


I believe you are using the beta 28 release build.
That does not have the changes to avatar movement like:
- The avatar collision can now drive over small bumps and obstructions.

If those changes get to the next beta, your chair will break as well. It does not matter if the script uses a zone or a regular entity as collision-detector.

I think it’s just the ‘characterControllerEnabled’ that’s responsible for the breakage.


If you want to try my chair with the version that breaks it. would be very nice. Because i got be default a wrong sit position on my chair. I fixt that.

So curious what happens.


I’m sorry but your chair doesn’t work at all.
In beta 28 all I can do is bump into it (even after increasing the ‘RR ChairCollider’ entity size.)

In the latest build (5758) I just walk/climb up and over it.


It works only if you bump into it from the front. but mabye yiour collision hull is different. Or the broke it.

I do anyway not like chair you need to bump in to sit. better is a click action so no noit sit when you hit it by accident. This bump and sit idea is just abd.


I’ll take a look at the script again when the next release goes live to see if I can help at all.


This might be a side-effect of recent changes that do not permit a script to access MyAvatar methods to anonymous avatars, or some other situations. I’ve argued blanket denial of all methods is quite inappropriate. This needs more thinking.


Thanks for the feedback, this looks like a bug we can fix before this RC goes live. When introducing a new feature, it’s difficult to test with all the content in the marketplace and all user scripts, looks like we missed this one.

I’ll update this thread as I know more.


We’ve reverted this change, from master and we are working to get a PR that re-enables the out-of-body behavior without breaking the chair/sit script. That PR is ready for testing here: