Build challenge


Thinks as away for the builders to figure out these new toys we have how about a build challenge.
I was looking at picks on flikr and came across this guys photos
Howabout we pick a pick and try to make it?
then we put on a lil display how we did beside the pic
just fer idle fun.
Speed sculpt slow sculpt whathave ya
thinks his pics lend emselves to this pbr shenanigans


is going to try this one and is fully prepared to fall on his arse


Ill try this as soon as ive gotten over a certain creative fever to do with a recent movie. Something to do with remaking my avatar :wink:


Zootopia??? That’s my guess. Finnick


i hate unwrapping stuff someone do it all for meee


messing with peanutbuttersomthing


You cleaned it up, where’s the broom?