Build in script editor. just want to say a few things


Just tried ti run javascript example. nothing happens :open_mouth:
But, there’s another problem with the script editor, at least for me.

The background is white, and text is lightgray or light green also small font.
The font size ok, but adjustable would be beter. but the color contrast is terrible.
Light green text on white background is almost not readable.
lightgrey on white is other bad combination.

Can you configure the colors already ? B
lack backround looks better with colored text. or at least a more darker background.

like to play a bit with other color settings to see if there’s better combination,
but is that color hardcoded or in some config file ?


I am not sure what OS your running on but on Windows the script editor is perfect. The color scheme is perfect and the font size.


Running windows 7 64bit on my screen the contrast is terrible,
and the font size is just at the edge of nice relaxed readable for my eyes.
but most its the col,ors that have wrong contrast. the green is so light.

Still want to know if i can try a better setting here.
note, it seems HiFi script editor ignores also the windows DPI setting ,
thats 125% here in windows for the script window.

Solution would be for the font size, Do it like notepad++
there you can scale the font size with ctrl+mousewheel to make it bigger or smaller.
firefox use the same system as notepad++ and that works perfect. if it remember the setting.

The biggest problem now is the bad contrast between colors and background, that makes it most unreadable. remember , not everybody have the same monitor.


What type of font is the script editor useing ? its looking a bit blurred to with cleartype.
its just good idea to implement from the begin the option to change font and font size in high fidelity. safes headaces later. also for the editor colors would be good to change.
That way people can fix problems with fonts , colors and sizes between operatings systems.


I would suggest slapping Thoys about but he has the Razor Hydra , we wouldn’t stand a chance :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a picture HiFy script editor vs my customized notepad++

agree with judas i can use notepad++ , but then your missing some intressting parts. like realtime testing (and crashing) Just notice now i have both picture fixt and next to each other that the font in the script editor is not a really good one on windows. Or its the font size.


Try to work with the script editor again. but the contrast is still terrible.
A quick solution that makes it perfect workable and cannot be much work to implement.
checkbox or button so all the text is just black, by accident the editor showed it all black, Thats really a big improvment compared to all the blurry fuzzy hard to see colors.

can we have a button to show all the text just in black ?


@richardus you could also just open up the local .js in whatever script editor you want and it works the same.

See attached.


  1. Open up script editor
  2. Select Automatically reload externally changed files
  3. Open up the script in the editor of your choice
  4. Make changes, then save. You will then see the updates


Ah!, thanks chris, why did nobody told this before. this looks very good.