Build kits and marketplace


Build kits are nice. like the mini golf parts. But kits can be a headace to, because you need to place the whole kit in your domain when you only need a part.

Also removing the kit parts when done can be a time consuming job to. you need to select every piece part by part and delete them all at once or seperate.

I always failed also with place the kit at the right position and height.

Now, is there not a better way to handle kits from marketplace. Best would be if there’s a way we can get the kit but after that just place the parts in the domain you need. Already got the idea that you mabye at some point need to put the parts in a special build area on a truck and drive that to the build area. But then you still have the job of link and unlink. o not a real solution to.

Anybody else idea’s how we can handle “Large” kits better from marketplace ?