Build menu missing (running OSX 10.9.2, build 439)


Continuing the discussion from Clean Reinstall:

I don’t know if this is helping, or if I’m just being annoying, but I would like to know if I’m the only one experiencing this problem.

I thought I had resolved the problem of a missing build menu by running defaultScripts.js from a URL. (Thanks again, Cozza!) You have to reload the default scrips every time you log on, but that’s not a problem.

So Wilson and I spent a pleasant morning on the Alpha grid, watching the northern lights as we built a little platform. Then, when I relogged and updated to build 439, the menu no longer appears. The problem of crashing when I select “Stop all” remains.

As you can see below, I have three scripts running, the first two from a file, the defaultScripts from a URL. None seem to be working.


Hi @EllieBrewster did you open up defaultscripts.js in your browser?


Erm… well … I thought I did. I’ve tried it again and it is working now.

Don’t know if it was me or the new version.