Builders Diary - London Eye


Felt bad constantly spamming the Earth thread; so here is the updates to the London Eye project:

I’ll open up the .blend for someone to texture it properly when I’m finished…


For those of you shying away from Blender - this was built with “prims” in the Blender toolbox and pushing / scaling / a few vertices… nothing fancy.



Now at Earth.



I found the document this morning after eyeballing my build and thinking that something was a little “off”

from the documentation with respect to the A-frame…

“…and measure over 58 metres in
length to form an ‘A’ shape”

So I figured I’d just see how large I made mine from reference photos…

I was off by less than a meter! Not bad for ‘eyeballing’ it. Now I’ll need to angle them to the proper incline of 65 degrees per the documentation. Art by numbers… elegant.


Integration of radial spokes. The addition on tangent spokes in progress…


I think you need a roadtrip to see the Orlando Eye :sunny:


BTW, the build you have is looking good!


Truss connections coming next…


SWEET. How tall is that?


The diameter of the wheel itself is 120 meters according to specifications. I have not accounted for the added height of the pods, but that is to come in future deployments.


Trusses. Starting to really take shape.




They have one of these in Japan , but i don’t know what its called there


Looking good. Are you seeking a volunteer for the .blend work?


Sure! If you’d like to take overO As long as you don’t mind putting updates on the builders diary as you progress.



We’ll that’ll just ruin your day…