Building a level in VR


This looks insane yet simpleish


A couple of minutes into this vid I was squirming in discomfort so much that I had to stop it. It looks kind of nice but the thrashing about was so inefficient and time wasting. I suppose with a better process model this will be much better, but simple it wasn’t.


It definitely isnt for everyone, and from the 2D perspective without having input may look discomforting but from the looks of it they are constantly translating, rotating and scaling the model around with holding down both controllers trigger buttons, while using single controllers (in this case the right controller) to select and move the edges.

The simpleish comment was from a perspective of a 3D modeler, those are the very same tools I use when I create structures (extrude, join, split, move, delete) but simplified to a point that it automatically creates the walls and holes without having to do it manually in a modeling software.


yes, I would have to see it immersive, but my spidey sense tells me it will be not that different. I believe the feeling I get was the same as when I saw Reeves doing a data search in the movie Minority report by waving his arms about. It just does not make that much sense to do fine motor work with major muscle groups.


I agree it might have been interesting but couldnt watch much of it. Someone needs to invent steady cam for VR because human eyeshot does not translate well to video. It looks ok to the person doing it because their brain is in sync with the vision, but everyone else gets seasick.


Amen to that. Seriously, if you want to see beautiful machinima videos produced that extol the virtues of High Fidelity, it is critical that a steady cam tech and smooth move tech is available. That tech used to be DDE.


I agree, but being able to navigate and select with the Vive hand controller would be a great tool to have and would probably also be great for sketching out a broad overview of an area. Once you’ve got a selection or skeleton you could switch to another mode to edit the item in question using something else, like maybe a tracked touchscreen, or a spacemouse / mouse / keyboard combo. The trick here is to use each device where appropriate.

You should also bear in mind that any toolset used by the Vive is necessarily going to be really primitive, not having had time to really refine and integrate feedback. Just watching that video it’s super obvious that the toolkit needs a ‘subdivide tool’ where you can subdivide a single surface into many with a single action, rather than the many individual click and drag actions the video shows.


Men, can he not hgold the camera still ! all the bad camasrea TV practices you see in one short move that makes you in few seconds complete dizzy.

Anyway, thee way of building is intressting because it must work fine with older hardware like a mouse too. (if you add the move arrows, to make it simpel)


I got one of these when I was 6, for about a week i used it for everything cos it was a damn robot hand
the novelty wears off


Yes, that is what I meant by “I suppose with a better process model this will be much better,”