Building a non-Dev Version of the interface for 18.04


I am new to High-Fidelity, and I am trying to experience the main grid from my linux box. However when I follow the instructions at the resulting build is a dev version which can only connect to my own domain-server. I can’t go to other places outside of my dev server. I am able to build a persistent scene on my own server which is great, but I would like to build a regular release version so that I could join everybody else and learn more about High Fidelity.

Can someone please tell me if there is something that I need to alter in the main instructions to get this done? On Step 8, I input “$ git checkout tags/v0.77.2” which I believe set it for the latest version as of yesterday (new version today I think). But it keeps giving me a dev build, and the interface says “Dev” in the title bar.


Hey Ultra,

I’m going to be looking into this later today. But in the mean time, I’m holding off because i just realized that HiFi is pushing 0.78.0 today which is a new protocol version. Give me a few hours, and I should have an answer for you.


Your build saying “dev” in the title bar is not of concern - this is expected. (You can change the string if you do particular things in the make/build process but by default it is “dev”.)

The main thing you need to do in order to run your build on the main grid is to check out the correct commit or tag, which it looks like you’re doing … 0.77.2 for yesterday and the start of today; 0.78.0 for when that version is released sometime today.


The issue was some build tags. It was resolved here: Building Interface in 18.04 - cmake errors