Building and building tools for manipulation


Hello everyone,
I started to import mesh and I am still trying to figure out how to use the camera so I can look from every angle at what I am doing independently from my avatar and stuff. I was manipulating a window trying to adjust its size and then position it, when I try to position things it goes far out in the background then the window was very far and everything around me started to shiver, all the objects started to shiver, and now there is nothing in my region anymore…I can’t even start to walk there, anyone has an idea? ty


ok I jumped to selected entities…now if there is a tuto to see how to use cam properly to build that would be of great help ty :slight_smile:


Hint: in edit mode (default edit.js) prtess the ‘F’ key. then you can move free around the entity. and move it. after moge press F again to center your cam. that’ a bit my workflow i use for now.


ty Richardus, I like to use keyboard shortcuts, will try to see if there is a list of them in the docs, Im finding my way using the cam lil by lil :slight_smile: ty for the hint!