Building Hifi on linux much harder then on windows


Wanted to test and compare linux wiuth my windows version. but opensuse 13.1 seems to have old packadges, and hifi wants very new ones. so again linux is terrible operating system. Like it is for few years for me. Distrto’s always run behind. but installing packadges manual is asking for problems and headace. and prefferable dont want to touch ubuntu. shame hifi dont have a ready to run packadge for linux. So, now i cannot try to compile High Fidelity on linux because linux release mostly run behind with packadge versions. :frowning:

If, High Fidelity can be installed easy from console based ubuntu 14.04 (hope thats working)
then i can try that as last option. as long all dependencies are defautl available to install.


Installed ubuntu 14.04 , see whats possible with that.
Hmm, preffer to work with opensuse. that works. only packadges are old :frowning:

Tried kubuntu, it looks better with dependencies. but as example openssl is still to old 1.0.1f
next to things the changed in bad way. better stay with windows.