Building in locked domains


If you are planning too spend any time making your domain pretty Dont! My domain was locked and was heavily littered with market place models.


There’s an option to stop users creating objects on your domain as well as build.
Do you have that enabled, or has it been bypassed by using the marketplace?

I think we should make some Worklist suggestions anyway for grouping and selecting entities.


Well i had it so only i could build and got kev to see if he could rez things outta the market place there, and he couldn’t do it was effectively locked, which means there is another way
I have a back up so its no big deal but i thought id pass on my findings


Yes there seems to be cases where anybody can rez and/or delete any damn thing they want to regardless of allowed editors or create objects tick box in domain server settings. Of course I can’t explain it here or the problem will even be WORSE.

So frustrating. It’s madness that we went past closed alpha to extended closed alpha to open alpha without this ever being addressed. And it’s not like it wasn’t brought up as an issue.


Does the log give us the ips of people adding items? then we can find out if they did anything clever or if it just happened.
Its not about getting, angry we’re alpha its about finding out how. Reproducible can be reported and fixed


It does log some info and, I’m not angry, I’m annoyed. : ) If you recall, Judas. This was brought up some time ago when I found Heron trashed. That’s why it went closed and remains so 99.99% of time. Sad - as it had ran since last September, totally open even before the (only semi-working, obviously) edit rights controls went in.

It’s just not one where you can go - oh! Here’s the problem - Step 1 do this, Step 2 do that as that leads to - step 3 you now have all you need to know to trash any domain on HiFi. Nor do the HiFi Software Engineers need a step by step reproduction mechanism - it’s blatantly obvious if you examine all ways an object can be placed in a domain and which of the various ways do and do not totally live by the rules of allowed editors list.


Well i just rezzed the pooltable on my domain using my no permissions alt. so have i have i missed a domain setting?


@judas, i don’t know. Just tested 2 ways i guess it mabey would be possible. but i cannot rezz on your domain.


The pool table seems to Rez but only the rezee can see it


@judas did you have the following checked in your domain?


Yes it is, which is what made it weird, if it happens again ill nag u about it, it should be a alpha challenge to grief locked sim’s. cos better we find out sooner than later.


@Judas, I was testing things on my end with the check box enabled and was unable to load scripts or marketplace content.


try the billiard table


@Judas , I tried that. At the moment there is a bug where the user that created the table will see it. However, that table is only loading locally for that user. Anyone else should not see the table and it will not be saved. Are you seeing something different?


no i was called delusional as i tried to entice people to my "imaginary"pool table


@judas, no it is good to go through it. As I am sure there are issues.


LOL, LOL :slight_smile: …x