Building in SL to import in HF


Just published that:


Nice work.

You should probably put a side note on polygon count and optimization. Anything prim or sculpty models prototyped in SL are fregging heavy in polygons (come on, 2048 tris for a sculpty, and 108 per cube prim used, another few k per torus?). All of those tend to bloat size excessively and contribute to SL / Opensim loss of frames.

High Fidelity is after all an HMD based VR world, and target frames should be at high 90s on an average.
so it wouldn’t hurt to as an advanced topic to dwell on that as well.

More polygons you use, the more frames you risk losing from anyone visiting you, and larger you models tend to be.

You could, for example start with just simple deletion of faces not visible, and get people comfortable to move on forwards to more advanced topic such as merging excessive poly detail.


Yes, I will.

It’s for sure not the future to build that way… But if it’s could be any kind of incitative to try HF…

it’s like McDonald… Fast but fat. :wink:


Anything that motivates people to learn is good.The efficiency argument never goes away even when you learn the Maya or blender .if you want to. Make a billion Polly shoe do it and do it good
Learning to sculpt what you see is where we start
Re Topo is really boring and a much later lesson lol



Are you sure it’s 2048 ?
i have in my mind that a sculpt is 1024

that would be really bad if it’s 2048


1024 Quads from the 32x32 image (each pixel is a quad) , or 2048 triangles. Since game engines render in Triangles, it is doubled. :slight_smile:


You can also easily use these tools as well :high_brightness: