Neither the create menu nor shapes are actually viable tools for building from INSIDE VR.

The long version:
I decided to build two “simple” environments for two upcoming unconferences:
“smart cities” which is in two weeks and the Israeli game dev unconference in 3 weeks.
I want to show them off at the events with the Oculus and everything and maybe (finally?) get a server running so y’all can join in.

(what’s an UNconference? -> appendix)

For the game devs I’d like to recreate the main hall where the event takes place, since I just happen to have a panoramic view taken recently.

For the “smart cities” I decided to build a tiny little town at a scale of maybe 50:1, to also celebrate 30 years of SimCity!

Now I just spent an hour in VR trying to make a simple building out of a handful of blocks and all I got was a headache. Fortunately I already took antacids for unrelated reasons, so I only need some pain meds!

FYI I wanted to be able to say I did everything in VR but clearly that’s not happening.

It sucks that we don’t have the tools to build in VR.
Okay, that’s a pretty weaksauce rant, sorry, I’m just not angry enough.

A list of just the issues I ran into in one hour.

  • You can’t select an object and keep it selected without mishaps.
  • Very hard to move or rotate without messing up.
  • No tools to align objects.
  • Can’t clone with create menu.
  • Can’t multi select.
  • Using the tablet to enter values is painful even if you’re smart like me and made the tablet bigger.

I’m a total noob in 3D programs but I’m sure I could do the little plain building in Blender in under two minutes, which I couldn’t do in an hour inside HiFi.

Post discussion
Even before becoming active here I was thinking about some design app stuff that I’d like to do (with the help of a programmer), now I feel very very motivated to kidnap one of my friends and force him or her to code for me.

The end?

And unconference is an event in which here’s no curated schedule. Just come and write your name and lecture title on the whiteboard in an empty room/time slot.

Here’s a panoramic view of the ground floor of Hapoalim Bank training center, also their emergency off site. That’s where the money goes if Tel Aviv is destroyed by a nuke. Also where about 10 unconferences are hosted each year, thanks to Yossi Vardi’s clout.
No I don’t have his phone number so stop asking.

No, you’re not crazy, it has a bit of a false perspective thing.
And yes, they do have a very clever false skylight. I usually set up my VR equipment just behind the whiteboard, strategically close to the pizza.

Here’s a MASSIVE picture of a Simcity 2000 city.


A few more small things for the list of things you can’t do:

  • Locate an entity from the list.
  • Teleport to an entity.
  • Hide/unhide from the list.