Building Interface in 18.04


I used this command, I’m assuming it installed, I’ll have a look

sudo apt-get install python3.6


hmmmmm, not sure where python gets put, but I cant see it


What do you mean by “seeing” it? All installed programs are put into /usr/bin or /bin generally depending on how it was installed. What happens when you run the process again?

Its likely that the build process changed in 79 and the docs just hadn’t been changed to reflect that yet…


I’m using cyberduck to look at the file structure.

Python is there in /user/bin


I would suggest trying to build again, then.


Nope, no luck I seem to be stopping at this point in the cmake process:

if(NOT EXISTS “${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/vcpkg.cmake”)
message(FATAL_ERROR “vcpkg configuration missing.”)


not sure where to go from here


I did find this:
Copying my reply in the other thread:

I am not sure I dare install it though, especially since I can’t be sure it will work. Why should I have to trust a Microsoft made cross platform package manager? I wish they were a bit more discerning in choosing the tools they use.

Another possible solution is if you can change how long your system saves temp files somewhere. The issue seems to be that the process creates a temp file at configure that the system removes when the configure process is finished.

It might be that configure cleans up after itself too. And the issue stems from there.


That’s possible I guess. I’ll see if I can find how to do that.

The other option I’m going to try is to move vcpkg to the directory that it’s expecting it


Please tell me how if you get it working?


Yes, I got it working - sort of. Let me know where you’re at and I might be able to talk you through it


Personally I needed to make sure that I had 2GB of swap space to use so that High Fidelity would build. Beyond that, all I had to do was ensure that the correct ports were open, and it worked.

Since then, I’ve moved to a docker distribution based method.