Builds 2757 and 2758 win 8.1 run but Do Not Display in a screen window (Resolved)


Builds 2758 and 2757 win 8.1 Run but Do Not Display in a screen window

Caution led me to download 2757 the last but one version of interface before people went home in LA

Only to find the 2757 Interface will not Launch from win Task Bar icon nor from  my Stack Manager

Clicking icon in task bar i hear sound of connect bleep, but Interface doesn’t launch in a screen window
Mousing over the task bar icon it shows a narrow white band rather than the familiar avatar and xyz beacons
so i check.
.> Task Manager - APPS -
Interface (32bit) shows  26.9 % cpu usage
Stack Manager 0%
.> Shutdown and resatrt PC - nil effect
.> Reinstall Interface 2757 - nil effect

.> Try Install of latest Interface 2758
haha 2758 on win 8.1 Interface will not Install at all ! lol  "Error Opening File\HighFidelity\Interface

.> Control Panel .> Microsft C++
.> ‘Remove’ then selected ‘Repair’ - ok
Repeat 2758 install and it installs OK
.> Re launch 2758 - same problem as with 2757

make coffee
0-0 Alert Box
"interface.exe has stopped working" and the rrunningbars - Close
Run but do not display in a screen window


Occasionally, having a two monitor setup on Windows 7 Ive noticed that the interface client opens somewhere way off in my main screen, sometimes out of bounds of the screen, making it really annoying to look at anything or visible.

Ive then had to use windows key + arrow keys (up to maximize, left / right to half screen bounds) to move the window back into position from where Ive been able to manipulate it back into normal full screen.

This might be related to that issue.


Its a monitor run off a laptop but set to ‘single screen’, weird, its definitely there and then - Right click on task bar icon will immediately cause it to crash


HiFi Interface removed in Control Panel
 but reviewing folder
C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity

I have the following files:
    domain-server         config settings
    Interface        config settings
    interface.ini.xyzabc     xyzabc file
followed by 5 more instances of
    interface.ini.         of various dates but go back to May 2015
that’s a total of six interface.ini files

Deleted all Interface files

ReInstall now 2759
and its fine ^^^