Bulk import and upload to the market request


Market place suggestion
I wanted to upload alot of my work to the Market but ran into issues that make it really timeconsuming
i made this little windy island

all hosted on the s3 server

To sell it on the market place, i would need to manually upload each element to the hifi market
then re assemble it all
before being able to export the json i would need to sell it

What i would like is the ability to select a large group of items and click a upload to market button
and have it do all the work for me.

extention task
If my build contains things I dont own the rights too but are forsale on the market
I should be able to include them in my build, and when somone buys the scene the other creaters get paid.
Who apart from michelle could object to this.


In the past I have figure out that you need to adjusts singel items after you have upload a bulk via json.


adjust how , is it moving things?


when rez then is it posible that you need to edit via create the position a bit.
I got this in the past, you will see it when you make your json.


Does the build come with that weird scarecrow looking thing? :roll_eyes: