Buy In Bulk - PoP License Restrictions


Hi. Let us pretend I have a digital cruise ship. (a real stretch of the imagination right? … lol)

Ok, now let’s pretend I’ve setup a subscription service to allow users to ‘reside’ upon that boat.

(still with me?)

Given the following:

I cannot buy ONE of these:

and thereafter replicate it out to each resident cabin. I would have to purchase one tv PER cabin. I’m ok with that, HOWEVER, I cannot do so on the marketplace as far as I can tell.

Are there plans to modify how this works?

cc: @Caitlyn


Hi there,

At the moment, that’s correct… would you like a Quantity drop-down?



Preferably an input box for quantity desired that can be cross checked with inventory available prior to purchase.

That should alleviate persons buying stock of limited edition items that are simply unavailable.

Thanks for the consideration.


Noted! Thanks for the feedback, will put it in the pipeline :slight_smile:


Uhmm ? If there’s no duplicate protection i would just have made n copies. I do not read the marketplace info.
Simple because the information on tiny tablet in light grey text is unreadable. Never seen anything about how many you can rezz.

For me, everything from marketplace is copy/mod. Unless there’s some protection build in i don’t know.


the licences haven’t been fought out properly and they totally ignore the open source projects big shame in my opinion that’s what you should be asking yourself then you wouldn’t had that problem

another question should be on people’s minds is you only asset right why the constrictive licence it always proving that the person owns it


That does bring up an interesting point; and I’ve decided to bring in @humbletim to the thread. I’m not diverging the topic, so I encourage the moderators to leave this here.

If a PoP License is a means of preventing mass replication of a marketplace purchased asset, then how will any domain be able to have non-registered legally owned content displayed, AND PoP content displayed at the same time?

This one will really cook your noodle. Think about it folks.