Buying domain name


I am about to buy my domain name and I want to know if it is still simple and straight forward. The reason I am asking if the processes is straightforward is because I see people on here talk about compiling the stack manager. I see people post pages of their log from I assume their stack manager. I kind of find that off-putting as there is never a coherent reply to all the log postings. So in a nutshell I want to know if paying for the domain name means I can upload content with out fear of things going wrong all the time. I am sure other new people feel just as lost as I do.


On what operating system you want to run the stack-manager ?

For windows and mac there are pre-compiled versions ready to run.
Yu only need to configure the stack-manager after running and add the placename.


You wont be uploading content to your Stack Manager. Interface runs models rendered by URL so you host them elsewhere.

There have been discussions about the ability for the Stack Manager to also provide the ability to host content; thereby making it a sort-of Web Server in the traditional sense.

Not sure of the status of that; and you wouldn’t require your own compile if you are on Windows or Mac (unless you are so inclined to do so from Git)

Expecting Alpha software to be stable is probably not a good foundation to stand on. :smile:


Are you saying that I do not need the stack Manager at all once I buy my domain name?


Ok so once I have placename I run the stack-manager to configure is.


Configure and run your own domain. if that’s your plan. if you don;t want your own domain right now or mabye you just want a placename for later you can skip the stack-manager for now.


@dread, it depends of, what you want to do here in hifi and what is your OS.
If you want to come to hifi, you need the interface, wich you can download, and via the directory you can login to a place.

If you want your own place only for you to build and test, you need the stack manager, you can download here. You are then at your localhost.

If you want, that also other people can visit your place, you need a domain and maybe also a place name.

I have tried to install hifi at a VPS. It dos run at Ubuntu. For this I have to compile the sources at the server and I need a place name.
Then, if all runs well, the place is connected and shown at the directory page, so that other people also can find it.


Optional you can get a windows VPS. here the are the same price for the first one. need to check the others. then you can use the precompiled binary you can download. things about placenames keep the same as with linux.


Thanks for the help. I am wondering if this VPS =virtual private server is something else I have to buy or set up.
Also when you mention Ubuntu are you talking about hardware that has Linux as the operating system


I have gotten my VPS here , but you can get from many companies.
And yes Ubuntu is the OS, which dos run at this hardware. But you also can choose other OS for example, how @Richardus.Raymaker has said, also Windows . I have choosen Ubuntu, because also other programs run well with this OS now already a long time for me.


Setting up a HiFi domain name is easy although it seems convoluted but there are good tutorials as summer4me describes
if you are a creator and want to upload objects you do need to think about where you are going to host them because you cant serve objects from a web server (they only serve web pages). Many people here have a Dropbox account with a ‘Public Folder’ (this is essential) but new sign ups now need to pay for a Public folder. Another alternative is Amazon S3 cloud server, which High Fidelity use, its is very fast but is more expensive than Dropbox. Amazon S3 do however offer 12 months “Free” before the tariff kicks in, i would recommend this as it is free and very easy to use - then bail out after 11 months.
Re. a virtual personal server (vps) offer a very cheap hosting service but you need some basic knowledge of Linux to set it up - its not hard and if you know what to do you can literally set it up in one minute, but for me who knew no Linux it took a couple of days to figure out - bon voyage :slight_smile:


From the questions you are asking, I get the impression (and you are not alone in this) that you think High Fidelity is a grid in the sense that a grid like SL provides all the services: identity, avatar inventory, asset management and storage, etc. HF is a virtual world platform. It provides identity management, audio and avatar mixing (making sure everyone virtually near your avatar can see it and that your chat is heard. It provides the means to access the worlds through the interface app. Everything else is up to you to set up. If you want you own piece of simulated land and space (its called a domain here), you set up your own server called the stack manager, to do that. Asset storage is up to you. You host a server that holds the mesh models (there are some changes on the way that simplify this process).

That server can be quite modest if your domain’s usage is modest. If you expect to have 50+ people on it and tons of 3D models, then you should look to a dedicated computer, beefy redundant disk arrays. If you can’t host the bandwidth then you should look to rent a VPS (virtual private server).

When you set things up, you will find that to have other people than yourself enter your domain, you need to give them an IP address to point interface at. Or, you can pay High Fidelity $20USD a year to get a global domain name. Yes, HF is in the virtual world DNS business (a fine way to pay its staff).


Does my computer hosting the files have to be switched on 24/7 if I allow other people to use or visit my domain? Would this virtual private server run my domain if I turn my machine off?


Yes, my place is on also if I switch of my computer. This was the reason, why I have wanted, to bring hifi at a VPS.


That’s not true, i server from webserver. and the can perfectly host files too. That’s how most of the internet works. Mabye i depends on the hoster. but you need to have a tgerrible hoster if you can only serve html files and not images etc.

Dropbox is in my eyes a slow disaster for high fidelity. Hides for @judas. it looks like dropbox can stall when there are to many requests.


OK then to sum up I need:- domain name from HF and a web host like Amazon to stream any files I upload to my domain place on HF. I only need the stack manager to configure my domain.


Almost correct, you ujse the stack-manager to run your own domain.
Without stack-manager you cannot do much with a placename expect save it so others cannot take it.

The storage you need when you want to test your own creations in aplace where you can build or on your own domain.


@Richardus - true
I meant a dedicated web hosting service which you would use for a web site


I host the entities of my domains off of my WEB server, which in turn is physically hosted by a commercial provider of that service. I have sufficient disk space their to have created a directory and stashed the 3D models therein. It is sufficient for now. When/if my domains grow to have many visitors and tons more content, yes, I’d switch to a dedicated hosting service, BUT…

High Fidelity is switching to a new and distributed asset hosting model, which will permit people to initially (or forever, if they choose) to host their assets by some new assignment client run by the stack manager. And, the design will let assets migrate automatically to other higher capacity asset hosting servers, creating a distributed delivery system and the means to monetize the service across people who wish to create these asset broker hosting environments. Domain owners will be able to pick and choose where, when, and how much or how little to use these services.

It will be quite the improvement.


Sama here, i host my objects from a wb hosting provider too. but i have also ftp accerss and domain / e-mail and a few things more. and 20GB webspace is for now enough.