Cache for questions


At the moment everything is loading fairy slowly. Most of my models are in dropbox which may not be the best location for them.
Secondlife caches stuff (stop me if i’m getting technical.)
That as i understand it means that all the textures and models get stored somewhere on your pc once loaded so next time your there you dont have to wait for them to load so long.

I know this in sl can be a little hit and miss.
Is it something were looking at?
Is it a lousy way of doing things?
Is dropbox not really suitable as a storage server?
Is there someway to benchmark servers so this slow loading thing is misnamed
When models load in hifi they seem to load sequentially? do they? can they all load simultaneously?

Im just curious as the more i add to my domain the longer things take to load.
I know texture size can have a real impact so i am working toward using smaller image file sizes. But at some point these become a problem as things start to look grainy…


Caching is a very sensible way of doing things. SL has made some very nifty improvements regarding the way what you view gets priority in terms of appearing before you. I don’t think everything appearing at once is the way to go, but prioritising what appears would seem a sensible solution.

Graphics cards will play an important role per session because they should cache textures as you go along but you will be back at square one next time you login if there’s no local cache.

If High Fidelity has a funky technical solution to this it will be very interesting to read about it.


I expect at some point high fidelity is getting a cache, because that make the load on the network lower and laoding faster. But its a now technical bump. and i dont see really urgent need in it right now.

@judas, thats what i wanted to ask you, where is it loading from. now i know. would be intressting to put on of your objects if possible on my webspace and see if there’s a speed difference.


I think anyone can use my models for the alpha stage of Hf in Hf i just don’t want them taking into other games like sl. I would like to sell them at some point, but not till were open :slight_smile: As long as everyone respects that then help yourself


Maby you can give me url of some object that you like to test on your domain.



[url removed because it’s absolete]

Have fun @judas, lets see what the result is.


Anyone idea how to disable at least script cache. for the time the bug of caching to much is around ?