CAD Mapper - CAD files of any area in the world


CAD Mapper lets anyone create 3D CAD files of any area in the world within minutes.


You might have just salvaged my project by sharing this link. <3
I sincerely cannot thank you enough… much love @iota.ultsch much love indeed.


Oh cool! What are you working on Captain_Oculus?


looks great! how can I import the .DXF file generated by CAD Mapper into Blender?


Try this tutorial Zorro, and let me know how you go. It’s quite detailed and well presented.


Just a little city I call home. :smile:

There are many wonderful places to visit both for cultural enrichment and for sport. Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Great American Ballpark just to name two.


Cincinnati! You’ve got to look at this:
Amazing transformation of the urban plan and density, with the introduction of high volume arterials.

Also, I read a little about the Brewery District Master plan a couple of years ago. What’s happening there? Any progress?


@zorro you need to mainpulate your import settings when you bring it into blender… on my first couple of imports, I didn’t have settings correct and it was not appearing correctly.

I watched that video and using an older version of Blender doesn’t seem like a very practical solution - the tutorial is from 2013. The latest version of Blender has the ability to import export .dxf but you must set that in preferences…

You’ll want to set your units prior to import:

Then you have to SAVE your .blend file prior to import…

Then perform the import:
My custom import settings are as follows:


I would love to see the output of your city in High Fidelity.