Calibrate orion leap motion


hi my hands are in hifi but i cant touch anything. and my arms have to be far from the controlller leap to be seen in hifi. any solutions ? thakns

i precise that it works well, when im not in hifi


@Fixxions - I think calibration is done through the leap control panel. I’ve had mine for about a month now positioned along the top of my keyboard and while it works pretty well most of the time, it can sometimes glitch out a little.

With my setup I noticed in order to get HiFi to figure out my hand positions I have to extend both hands over the device with my palms out, and then slowly bring them together toward the middle of the device until my avatar’s arms / hands snap into sync.

As for interacting with things via Leap, I’m afraid on my end at least that remains a mystery. Far as I can tell the leaphands script only seems to cover animating your avatar’s hands, unless there’s another script out there that I’m missing?


I don’t think Interface has been updated to the Orion SDK / runtime yet; i.e., only works property with pre-Orion runtime.

UPDATE: Confirmed: Leap.dll in install directory is Leap version 2.3.1