Calling all builders!



As I mentioned during yesterday’s meeting, we’ve built a long stretch of boulevard, and are inviting you to claim a stretch of frontage to build on. To visit, use your Go To Location feature to point to TheStrip.

We’ll be dividing the land into 200 meter x 200 meter plots on both sides of the road. To register one, contact Emily with your preference for which side of the road you’d like (i.e., same side of the road as the space needle vs. opposite side–space needle is on the left if you use TheStrip orientation). Also let us know your desired z-coordinates as a multiple of 200. For example, someone being close to the space needle might want something like 7000-7200 meters on the space needle side. This is first come first serve–we’ll do our best to get you as close to your desired location as possible.

There won’t be any property lines indicating plot boundaries, so we’ll rely on each other to work within our 200 meter squares. Any questions? Ask away!



This is really exciting! I do have a request if possible however. Is there a way we can deed these areas to a particular person? I know we are working on the honors system of open build but for example, someone by accident blocked over a building frame area that took me a few hours to create.

If we are going to take time to build something dynamic we have to have a way to protect our builds from accidental destruction or it can discourage elaborate building.


I wish to register a 7200x7200 meter strip as close as possible to the space needle, on the opposite side of the road.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your question and congrats on grabbing the first plot! As far as “deeding”, by registering through Emily, the space is effectively yours for the duration of the Alpha. You’re right that we’ll all need to do our best to manage inadvertent blocks and deletions. With that in mind, we’ll be rolling out some basic “Undo” features over the next few weeks. In the meantime, happy building.


Thanks @freddy that is a great start! I was wondering if we can possibly save out a set of voxels by with a selection tool so we can port to our local machines to preserve a build? Another idea is to save out a restore coordinate set based on our land deeding which would make it easy to create multiple builds?


I’ll take one! Close to the center or wherever people arrive first.
How do I register trough Emily?


email Chris he will give u a land location


Hi @joyardley I can hook you up with some land. email me. chris@ and let’s meet in world


Cheers, will do asap!


Hi Neighbors! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s great plot builds!