Calling all hardware "ultra nerds: Re: UEFI Legacy OPROM


I’ve got an Acer Predator system that has a disability… it’s called UEFI instead of a real BIOS.

This pain in the ass is STOPPING ME from installing ANY OS on it. (even with a brand new BLANK HARDDRIVE!)

I searched and some guy mentioned something called a “Legacy OPROM” (he was referring to the motherboard but naturally, like most ‘geeks’ he FAILED to mention anything MORE about it (such as whether it’s a jumper pin somewhere or some cryptic function mentioned in this SAD EXCUSE of a BIOS!


Before you start todo difficult things. look if you can find soem option that’s called something like “Secure Boot” Yes thanks to microsoft people get soon doomed with manufactured devices. on my tablet i could turn secure boor off. but never got linux running on it. so i put win 8 back.

it’s not UEFI that’s the problem, almost all mainboard have that. it’s the secure boot option. btw some linux versions like ubuntu must work with secure boot (disabled) ?


Actually Richard, I’ve been BUILDING machines since the 8088 days (remember the 5Meg MFM hard drive?)

Anyways this crap is only a few years old and like HIV it’s only scary and difficult to non-hardware techs. and yes, I was trained but as I didn’t do much for 4 years I got a little bit behind.

So DO NOT talk down to me. IF you know then say it, or else leave this thread free for actual answers. I don’t do neo-software bullshit so you will rarely hear me get involved in it. Yeah I might ask questions but when was the LAST TIME YOU magically SUDDENLY KNEW something when you didn’t know? Yeah right, NEVER!


(extra note to Alpha developers: please create a blocking function in the forums so trolls etc don’t continually gain access here and continually troll us. I had to AVOID HIFI ENTIRELY FOR TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE LAST TROLL GAVE UP!!)


I dont talk down at you, i just read UEFI. not complete happy with that myself. And secure boot is a new disaster and vendor lock in.

So, if you did read my message wrong. sorry. and am not the youngest too.
Still eufi is not a handicap for installing other linux distributions.


UEFI is the replacement for the BIOS this century: Still in some screens its Labeled “BIOS” but not in all,
Forexample my built PC just says directly UEFI and it looks nothing like the old BIOS stuff.

Installers may fail to boot or install because the UEFI standard doesn’t really use Boot Sectors Anymore… so most legacy OS wouldnt work anymore: They have to be updated to meet the Boot Manager definition for Installers.

You also have the jumpers but youd need to Read the Motherboard Manual to get anything it (I have no idea on details). So instead there is a much simpler to do through the UEFI:

Issues from UEFI change:

  • Installing Non Compliant OS is prevented by the Secure Boot Functionality. (this is what main fuzz is about: install prevention)
  • Booting Legacy OS from installed drives is due to Boot Sectors not being used. (this is what is preventing old stuff from booting)

To Revert this :

  1. Go to Boot Setup
  2. Goto Authentication:
  3. Turn off Secure Boot
  4. Goto Boot Options
  5. Turn on CSM ( Compatibility Support Module ) to Always -> this reverts Boot Sector usage

Googled Sauce

By Legacy OPROM you mean Legacy ROM, this is under UEFI/BIOS boot mode. You dont need to do this however if you do the above.

Hopefully that helps.


Which ACER predator since there are several models each with its own BIOS. Rummage here:

But again, as others have suggested, turn off secure boot, and that will disable the attestation logic.

Once the UEFI logic has been removed, the boot path is no longer attestable, and though that does not matter much right now, in about a year or so, there will be quite a number of high value or trusted execution apps that will refuse to run when the security digest of the hardware/software chain does not attest or cannot be obtained.


this thing was prebuilt (as it was my only option financially I could only lease to own) and as such I never got documentation for any of the hardware and most good hardware sites online are garbage


I never did understand just WHY people want the BIOS functions to be networked. THAT is the dumbest lack of security I’ve ever heard of