Calling all merchants


Good day to all my Metaverse Champions!

I was recently made aware of corporate America’s attempt to monopolize an otherwise free market in VR.

I’ve built a KIOSK system that will enable merchants to sell there wares within the same LOCKED domain all-the-while maintaining personal modification rights to their merchandise. I know of no other Alpha or even High Fidelity themselves that has been able to accomplish this; sure, each individual has 2-D rights to their merchandise but not modification rights on a locked domain. Yes, I’ve been under-cover for awhile, but I’m seeking a stack of alpha-testers that wish to engage with my offerings. Once the metric data is in, I’ll be able to seek proper funding.

Things my company has accomplished so far (no mention of 3rd party engagements):

♪ successful integration of a development OAuth2 endpoint with High Fidelity Incorporated. ( this means you login with THEM not us )

♫ successful braintree subscription tier registered for new users and returning subscribers ( this means Paypal owns your payment info, not us )

♪ successful automatic whitelisting to our Server Blade Stack Manager for new users and returning users ( tested this locally in USA and India )

♫ successful business database logic added for each new user

We will succeed where others have failed. I will not give up until we are working, living, and playing in the Metaverse.

I have no expectation of any alpha user to sign an NDA of any kind. Just support our kickstarter (when it goes online) and show your support by signing up for a merchant subscription. We can’t let those corporations win. This is OUR Metaverse, isn’t it worth building ourselves?

If you have interest or questions about my product please start chatting here. I’ll be happy to address any and all concerns.




im a freakin visionary me lol


Confused are you talking about selling real goods or digital?

If digital, not clear how this helps… Are you replicating SL copy mod transfer? How would this apply if stuff is made outside of HiFi?

Im sure it’s a great product, not clear on the use case…


You could sell digital or physical goods. I’m merely providing a venue and a mechanism to show your products in vr. I stake no claim to percentage of sales, and I do not collect personal data. I’m not hosting your assets, however if that is a common request from our testers, we will add that. It helps because currently there is an incredibly steep learning curve for non programmers. Our kiosk system is only one offering of a few initial products available. Think about an SL product offered with no demo, not practical right? Most folks try before you buy, and while that does exist in the Avatar Island, modifying your own merchandise item must be approved manually by hifi each and every time.


My issue with any external hosting of assets is that I end up paying for each time that asset is viewed by a single client. So if I sell an avatar hosted on my s3 bucket, I pay for your usage of that asset. How would this apply for a mod asset? The only way I would sell stuff at this point is through the marketplace where HiFi is covering the hosting cost…


Which is why I haven’t chosen to include hosting as a first attempt. You can have a demo version of your virtual asset in your kiosk, and point users to the buy now button of the high fidelity marketplace (or any other shopping cart endpoint) of your choosing. Not only control of which assets you wish to highlight as merchandise, but also, the storefront fbx url itself. If you don’t have access to buildings, you can select one from a set of default content. Ambience sounds background audio, and a welcome message.


Interesting idea, I’d like to learn more. DustyWizard in high fidelity, maybe we can meet in the metavers and discuss in detail? do you have a home domain setup with a demo?


Excellent. I have a private development version, but for this call-to-all attempt I will be conducting the tests on AWS. Thank you for your interest. A previous version of the app can be seen in the thread: App certification & changes to handling .JS files on Marketplace however, the app was still ( and IS still ) being developed, so try to keep that in mind. In the screenshots, the building is essentially the ‘structure model’ for the storefront.

In the event that others are curious about when, I am currently making tutorials so we are truly hoping sometime in the next few weeks we will be able to conduct this testing.

Thank you again for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you in the Metaverse!