Camara viewpoint controls separate to avatar motion


Currently when you want to swing the camera round (e.g. with right click and middle wheel on the mouse) the avatar also moves round so you are always looking at the back of the avatar’s head. The various menu viewpoints don’t really either let you place your avatar face on in a view… I think! I am actually not sure what “Independent View” and “Entity View” do… no controls seem to work with those modes in desktop mode anyway.

I suggest detaching the camera motion from control of the avatar turn… Leaving the avatar facing the way it is unless actual avatar motion controls are used.

This also seems to be the way the camera controls, work in Second Life/OpenSim, Sine.Space and Sansar so is something that users might expect to be the behaviour.


You need to try the vr spectator camera on the marketplace. That’s a hand held video camera.way beyond the methods used in these last gen systems or SL Wannabees

Hifi is a virtual reality system to look around you only need to turn your head
Why make it more complicated


“Independent” and “Entity view” are mostly detached states for the Camera which Scripts use to do various things.

I think these should be actually hidden from normal users as I think they are a bit confusing on what they do.

“Entity View” basically allows attaching cameras to entities, and creating some fun stuff and the Camera system for spectators on the marketplace is a good Example of this. which works great with VR stuff.

“Independent” allows for Scripts to control the camera, such as CtrlAltDavid’s Camera Script


Thanks for that explanation @Menithal. And thanks @Judas, I will pick up the marketplace camera to test, but I see its just for VR mode. David’s script may be nearer what I was seeking.

I do use Desktop mode mostly and switch to Oculus VR when I specifically want 3D/VR viewpoints or to explore 3D models with others. Personally I think that’s the way most people will use these sorts of platforms. 24/7 VR headset use is not the way I expect most people to interact. But we will see.