Camera and zoom


In the Second Life viewer, there is a camera with zoom and rotation.
I didn’t find this object, yet very useful, in the viewer of High Fidelity.
The mouse buttons allow rotation with ease.
However, the zoom is limited to about ten meters.
How to increase this zoom distance ?
In Second Life, the distance of the zoom isn’t limited and it is very convenient to explore very quickly the 3D environment.


Hi-fi is all about vr and room scale and works like real life more than second life.
Stand closer


This is all quite so if you have the requisite $3000 worth of VR gear and hefty computer. If you enter HF in non-VR mode, you are a second class citizen and have limited camera utility. You can, of course, write your own complex javascripts to compensate for the lack of non-VR mode tools.

Note: this is not the way win over new arrivals. There must be an on-ramp experience for newcomers who do not have the big bucks equipment.


Also, some of us are not biologically equipped for a full VR experience! (There is a reason I prefer my avatars to have only one eye visible)!


That’s still a flaw in high fidelity. VR is nice for let’s say 1 or 2 hours use. then you really want go back to desktop and wish you could open a normal chat and im system. viice in high fidelity is not going to make it a big social platform.

Also the mouse options in desktop, well you can look around. hold right mouse button and move use to reset camera. and that all you have in desktop mode. i would say it prettyfine. except the mouselook could be better. It’s hard to cam around yourself as example.

Also i think secondlife have a camera mode that is to good. it let you cam 300 meters away from you avatar.

Anyway i lover of first person look, something that is complete missing in secondlife.


In Second Life, after deactivating the constraints of the camera, one can move away at an infinite distance. But objects are no longer visible beyond about 1200 meters.
In HF, It would be excellent to have a setback distance that can be parameterized in non-VR mode.


Yes, I totally agree with you.
Even with a virtual reality equipment (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) the non-VR mode is very interesting because it allows to have some complementarity in the virtual experience.
At this level, the depth of the field of vision is very apreciable.


Hi-fi without vr is like playing football with out a ball


You mistake hands for eyes (or feet if its soccer). The biggest ++ in HF is virtual hands. And again, there has to be an on-ramp for people. They have to be able to test the waters with what they have. Once they get excited, then they will start budgeting to acquire the costly gear. Make HF hostile to newcomers and it will languish. Never forget there is competition out there.


Footballs football that copy of rugby the ameriCans play with all that padding is all throwing n stuff let’s call it handball .
I disagree completely 2d has been done to death, exclude people who don’t have the spek and gear lets make hi-fi great not a cowed compromise to the lowest common denominator


For many HiFi is already hostile. because it aims for most people on HMD only use. How good sansar is support ketboard and mouse will be a guess until seen.

And hifi anyway useles for football (the europe version) we cannot kick a ball in high fidelity :innocent:


It is obvious that younger generations of players will most likely prefer to use virtual reality helmets.
But all those who have used Second Life, and who are still very numerous, will have difficulty at first to play directly in VR mode.
I think that a transition mode, to move from non-VR to VR, would be conducive to the success of the High Fidelity project.


It’s also the costs. sadly many secondlife people run on hardware that is barly good for secondlife. So the will anyway not be seen in new platform i think. But if the can start with buying only a good desktop system and keep working in desktop mode that is really most of the time more relaxing without voice. Then HMD.

The aim 95% on HMD now, and that way it does not feel important things get fixed. There are so many things that need to be fixed anyway. so choices. But it can boucne back at the end if there’s to much aimed on HMD and people cannot dop much in desktop. Same for sansar btw.


The ideal is to let to players to have the freedom to choose.
The High Fidelity project will not achieve its goals if it only seeks perfection and technological prowess.