Camera on/off Notification


On first entry to the Interface I had not realized the camera was turned on (for facetracking)… but could immediately and clearly see that the mic was on via the “mirror” avatar panel. The Camera/Visage/Facetracking can be turned off via Developer -> Avatar Options, but that’s a bit buried, especially for early use. Can I suggest a simple camera icon be placed in that same area near the mic icon with a similar on/off capability?


I like that suggestion. We could also create a couple of different .js files that change the GUI in various ways.


It would be great if the little camera icon to turn it on and off could be added alongside the mike on/off/mute button on the face mirror. Its a bit buried to turn on in Developer -> Avatar Options -> Visage.

And maybe when you click X to turn off the face mirror (where it leaves the audio… also leave a button to bring back the face mirror rather than having to use the View menu.