Camera or "mirror" mode actually mirroring


Correct me if I am wrong, but when using mirror mode or secondary camera like spectator camera you are actually (and according to the “mirror” mode this can be understandable) mirroring the image, resulting in “selfies” with inverted writing.

can we have also a method so that the auxiliary camera is NOT mirrored so we can have more natural snapshots especially when writings are involved?


I also want it to have an option to not capture the huds and stuff


There is an entity property to make the model not visible on the secondary camera. If we had the same for the OTHER way around, that’d be interesting to goof with…


Unless something changed, Spectator Camera already does NOT mirror what it’s looking at. Only Mirror Mode of the secondary camera does this. I will confirm this today.

EDIT: Confirmed, Spectator Camera does NOT mirror what it’s looking at.