Can Hi-Fi add a notification system


Adding a notification system for those who have accounts can keep them in touch with what is going on in hi-fi. Hopefully it can have settings for particular features people want. So they can be made aware when those features are added. So people do not waste their time waiting while HiFi is completely worthless. They can come back when features make it possible to use hi-fi. Like I would like to be notified when HiFi makes there browser work on Skype for web. I would also like to know when YouTube will be synced so that people can watch together. This app must be native no add-ons from the marketplace. I can’t wait. Yes I can just tell me when they’re working so I do not have to waste anymore of my time thank you.


It’s already possible… I did it on Wothal.
(but it’s coded on the web side)


Highfidelity unwillingness to add functionality that people want seems to be an ongoing issue with highfidelity. They seem to have no problem adding stupid features like that Shader when people come in to the Domaine you were in. But they do not seem to want to add any functionality people want. Highfidelity seems oblivious to their users Needs & Wants. I used to think that that was just because of their lack of resources. But more and more it looks like it’s due to their incompetence.


One person recently wrote an app that sinks YouTube videos between users. I’ve been complaining since I’ve been in here that they need to do that. One person was able to get it done in a couple of days and Hi-Fi hasn’t been able to do it in years. That is incompetence on high five part. It is unacceptable for a company of their size with their financial resources to be this bad.


What you are requesting is to redirect a web streaming to the server and push that flow to everyone. Not sure that would scale.
Fore sure I prefer not have to support all this on my server bandwidth.

Regarding the use of the word ‘incompetence’… I don’t know for other people, but I have personally a rule about it: 'If you can’t do better your-self, then don’t use that word.'
It’s open source… so…


There is a newsletter that notifies you of any updates and things going on in High Fidelity.

The signup button is on the main page (I missed it on first glance lol)


One where you can choose what updates are important to you. So they can update you on the progress and when those are actually added. I have an example for you right now. I made the same model and used it in Janus VR and in highfidelity. With only the necessary alterations to the textures. Highfidelity physically based rendering sucks. Janus VR looked far superior. When are they going to fix this. This information could be pushed out to me when this is finally resolved. So I do not have to waste my time making models for a system that makes them look like garbage and I can promote more of my time to making models for systems that make them look good.