Can HMD users still play with not locked entities on domain with no build rights?


It’s no a while ago that this problem where poited at. but is it fixt so HMD users cannot screw your creations etc. It would be annoying if you need to lock and unlock and l;ock everything always.

I hope it’s changed so the are not allowed to move objects. Anybody know more news about this ?


Well, I havent been able to do it for a while now with locked objects within my domain with the leap, but the reach on those is poorer on them compared to the other hand devices. @Judas could you come into my domain and throw the platform (its the only thing locked) around? :smiley:


i think that was fixed the problem was to calibrate the hydra you had to stick out both hands and press the what was the grab button.
that meant you would pick up anything in those directions.
They changed the control for that so i haven’t had that prob lately…


This should not be an issue anymore. You have to set the object as grabable in your setting to allow it to be moved around with grabbing.