Can I do this with a script?


Ok, so I built a chair I want to use in world.
I “stole” the sit script from @c 's chair on the Marketplace.
I saved a copy of it to my S3
I put it in the Script URL portion of the chair Properties
I get the Click to Sit message above the chair,
BUT it doesn’t sit me.
I really hope this is a quick fix.
What I need is a library of scripts that are drop and use.

Thanks. If it’s in the forums already, please show me da way.


Hi @DrFran,

If I remember correctly, there is some userdata on that chair that is needed by the script.
If you just copy the userdata from the green chair on the marketplace to yours, it should work.


Thanks,that worked!

We need more basic scripts/actions that can be used here. Makes it easier for folks who build, but don’t script.