Can I programmatically adjust the lighting?


I’m brand new to HiFi, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.

I couldn’t find in the documentation anywhere that gives an example of adjusting the properties on a light at runtime.

Is that possible?


Definitely, lights are just entities and all the properties you can adjust with Entities.editEntity can be manipulated.

You would want to do the edits in an update loop with Script.update.connect(function(){//function to run on each update})or Script.setInterval(function, msToNextInterval)

Grab the ID of the entity and in the console you can do something like:
var props = Entities.getEntityProperties(id);
or something like
for (var key in props) { print ( "key: " + key + "\n " + JSON.stringify(props[key]) )}

Then you can see what you have access to edit in each loop


Ah brilliant! Thanks so much for the reply and easy to understand explanation. :slight_smile: