Can I record Mocap animations for my game?


Im looking for a cheap Mocap solution and came accross High Fidelity.

Can I buy Vive trackers and use High Fidelity to record animations for use within Unity?

I have NPC’s that I want to animate.



There is record.js on the marketplace but that uses a proprietary format


There are probably other, better ways to do mocap recording of Vive Trackers. such as IKinema.

Record.js is definitely made to record for High Fidelity, and for High fidelity things.


I mean… I guess a recorder could be made that records all frames of an avatar’s animation to file, and store it as an CSV or something, so that at least you could port the data to any other platform…


Thanks for the reply guys.

I’m using Unity and Maya, so I’m looking for something that can be ported into one of those.