Can not remove make Enities


i have here balls from any person ?! i can this not remove make, its was not from me

This is in the Log

If it’s on your domain you need to have the option to delete it with the entities editor.
Just seen there’s other topic to.

Did you try to relog, restart the stack manager ?


Yes i have make, but when i coming are the balls new. I have relog make and the Stackmanager new load…but the balls not away…i have all balls delete make, but i coming in new its all new…grgrg i hope not griefer…


And the log is not stopping…its running and running,this is not good


I had a similar event in my domain. I was unable to stop it - had to stop servers - remove models.svo and find backup that did not contain a scripted object that was causing problem.


Thank you, i will hope this will work for me