Can not see anything at all


I’m not sure what’s going on, but Ive downloaded HIFI but when running it, everything is just a blur of sorts. My avatar is not visible and if I click ‘help’ the menu does not have an accessible X for my screen. Is there a graphics setting that I am missing? Basically I am unable to use HF at all right now, but normally I can run most games as well as other virtual worlds with no issue


Hello Moonrise. Can you tell us what graphics card is in your computer? HF requires a fairly high end card to work.


Its only an intel onboard card. Though I can play GW2 at high settings and many other games with no issue. It’s like I read in another post, as though the vantage point is from inside the avatar or under the ground. once or twice I caught a glimpse of my arm, but mainly it seems like my view point is submerged.