Can not start High Fidelity Interface anymore


I was playing High Fidelity on the HTC Vive yesterday and everything was fine. But during the time I was playing today my house had a blackout and when I now try to launch High Fidelity it crashes instantly/won’t start. Both the steam and Beta 5782 from the website doesn’t work.


make sure you send any results when it crashes and save any of the logs

Does it give you any idea what the crashes

Usually I would just totally switch off the Vive and try again

you can try this manual deleting the roaming and local files
of high fidelity and make sure your Vive is fully up-to-date and rebooted


I fixed it. The problem had nothing to do with High Fidelity as a lot of programs were affected.

I was getting the error message “The stub received bad data.” from opening a lot of programs the first time and I resolve it by updating windows to the latest update (Windows 10 Version 1607 (KB3202790)).

Is there a way to delete the thread because this problem was unrelated to High Fidelity?


Why delete it, other people can get into similiar problems. And you gave a solution for the problem.

And no, as far i know it cannot be deleted.