Can we have easy way to switch between HMD and desktop mode?


It sounds strange, butb rigth now it’s a crime to switch to desktop mode when your in HMD and need to fix something.

First problem is that the mouse is not visible, alt-tab. Nope no mouse pointer as long the vive controllers ar in the lighthouse range.

It would be nice to switch between desktop and HMD with one function key as example.

ADD: It’s also usefull if we can make soundcard presets for the different devices. Now your in the HMD and discover that the sound output is wrong. etc.


Id prefer it to be a simple keyboard button, Its definitely annoying to switch between the two modes, especially when one is developing for the hand controllers.

Which is also the reason Why I also prefer to have the audio select from the default OS audio mixer, instead of using a device specifically on its own, because steamvr does all the switching for us.


I have a much better picture today now i think the straps are betetr adjusted. but now the pressure on the nose is to high. But you need to have a bit that position to get a good picture. some cushions for the nose mabye works


You should be able to press ESC which will put you into “Pause”/“Away” mode, and then use your mouse to select “View > Desktop”… does that not work?


It’s not documented, but Ctrl-1 should always you back to desktop mode. What key will switch you into a different plugin depends on what plugins are active, so it’s less reliable. On my desktop Ctrl-4 puts me in HMD mode I believe.


I just have that tried and keep eye on it.
Pause is not always working, it seems to depend on how you hold or have placed the HMD too. Sometimes i could hit esc but nothing happend on my desktop screen.

Also it happend already many times that the mouse is still under control of the hand controller that are on the floor in the play area. The seem to overrule movem,ent of the pointer.

The opposite happens to, that i somethimes get stuck with a mousepoint in HMD that not want to get away.


The desktop screen is showing you a preview of what the HMD is looking at, and so it’s possible that depending on the angle the HMD is at, you won’t see the “Pause” message on our desktop preview… but it’s probably paused, even if you don’t see the pause message on your desktop.

This is a separate issue… we are working to improve this experience.


Want to let know that i get the pause and mouse contoller better under control.

Mabye a suggestion to add the word paused in the windows main form header when on pause. Because like you say, you not always see it. And that is where things did go wrong.