Can we livestream HiFi world to YouTube as 360 video?


Hi, I’m a podcaster in Hong Kong (we’re a team of 4), recently we have bought 2 set of Oculus Rift and trying to stream our show in the VR world.

The flexibility we get in High Fidelity is absolutely what we are looking for, using the Spectator Camera + OBS we can stream to YouTube quite easily, but looks like it can only do a 2D streaming.

Can we livestream to YouTube as a 360 video? I really feel like this is a key feature for a VR social app, if we can stream a 360 video, our listeners can use their own VR headset to watch our show.

What do you think?


That be great to see …


@thoys explained to me that we could do this by running six interfaces (one for each side of the “camera cube”) at the same time while using a script to parent 5 Slave P.O.V.s to one Master P.O.V. which can be controlled.
The stitching would have to be done using a third party application (no idea if this works in real time).
I’m not sure though how much CPU / GPU power & RAM is needed to run these six interfaces & the stitching & the streaming at the same time…

But I’m totally with you: A possibility to record 360° would be fantastic!!!
Maybe the dev team can register this as a future feature request :kissing_heart:


Alternatively, write a display plug-in that (a) has a 360deg view frustum so that entities in all directions are loaded, and (b) creates the 6 square views each frame.