Can we make own "Goto" script?


I where thinking. mabye it’s easy possible to make own 'Goto" page in a normal window inside high fidelity without the tablet.
I looked in the goto scripts. But there’s almost no code that i can see how the have done it and how you can redesign the layout,

  • I want the domains verticel or 3 next to each othr and then vertical.
  • Remove the snapshot part.
  • Have url bar.

But i get the feeling it’s not possible to change the bad horizontal design to something else that works better. Outside the tablet is a must ! Ok, it mabey can work with tablet if we can change it in vertical scrolling (with mousewheel support)

But can we make custom ones ?

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Hey there, we’re currently working on the design of the GoTo app. But you may be able to take some inspiration from this script:

Specifically, the line where it says

Window.location = “hifi://” + portalDestination;