Can we open windows without tablet?


Can we stll create and make own windows with scripts ?

Not that it’s east, but it would be nice to have a better create tool. ONE that does nit use the SINGLE TASKING tablet, that is one thing that makes it hard to use.

But us it possible ?

Same for the goto app and marketplace, the need te be pulled out of the tablet and run as separate task. Now for that it seems impossible. But fir create app , that can be replaced theoretical.

Wish it where more easy to make your own ui and pull everything out of that tablet. that would improve desktop. UI keeps the priblem that makes high fidelity so hard to use and reason you i not use it so much as i want.


I’m also interested in creating interactive HUDs like in Ready Player One…

This seems a nature extension of VR control to me…


Yes, just regular overlays objects…
Overlays allow you to make all sorts of UI, its just its not very utilized because there is no library to make it easy. atm its much faster just to slap ui into html.