Can we use BVH animations ? or how to convert it to fbx?


Can we use BVH animations ? or what is the best way to convert it to fbx ?


No. But if you import a BVH into Blender and make sure bone count is the same as your target object in High Fidelity, you can export it as FBX and make sure the animation setting in blender export is set to simplify=0 and it will work as expected.


Thanks, just found the workflow before i did read it. but not used simplify = 0 so that’s good to know. the test i just did with the bvh = 73 bones. hmmm. problem i think.


Yes, the bone count for me was important, as well as naming the bones inside blender to match your target object in High Fidelity.

So, the animation would set “Spine” to do something, then your target needs to have a “Spine” bone.

I hope that helps. Maybe I can do a video tomorrow.


Lol, bones. good for a nightmare.

Still not sure how to rename them correct. but i have idea how.
Also not sure if we have a list on the wiki or soemthing with all bone names and the location


Just examine the ones you have in your target, and make sure the bones in the animation are named the same. Use blender properties panel.


Anyway, it soudns like that companies like morph need to make a free skeleton available. in case we cannot import the avatar in the program we use to animate.

Without the correct skeleton you say we get wrong animations ?
And yes, mabye am wrong because it’s new. only used once BVH in sl.


List the .fst file you are trying to animate.


Not have any fst file. not so far. But in this case it would be mixamo one i think.
But if you use a morph one it can be different mabye. poser 11 people examples use 73 bones. Also there i need to look deeper into it.

Am not so fast, Still i think you need to have the correct character / skeleton when making animations.