Can we use Leap Motion in High Fidelity? If so, how?


I’m successfully using the Asus Xtion to capture facial expressions for avatar anmation. I’m interested in using the Leap Motion device to capture arm/hand movements as well. Is this possible, and if so does anyone have any info on setup, experiences, usage etc.?

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No; we used to have support for the Leap, but due to disappointing tracking performance in our particular use case, we removed it from the repository. We’re focusing more on devices like the Sixense/Razer Hydra whose tracking isn’t limited to a small spatial envelope.


It might be worth revisiting. I just tried out their beta V2 drivers and found the accuracy and noise-rejection vastly improved, at least on my desktop.


Yes the latest version looks really strong, we’d love it if someone wanted to integrate it.


Well, mine just arrived this morning and I will be interested to try it out with some of the applications available.


We have just put up a worklist job to get the updated leap SDK integrated into Interface.


What’s the current status of this? The worklist item was declared ‘done’ almost two years ago. Can we use Leap Motion? If so, how?


As a previous Leap Motion user I’ll field this one:

The avatar modifications (in particular joints improvements) have broken the javascript file that was used to drive the experience.

I believe the .js file was called leapHands.js and improvements on this file have not been taken up by @ctrlaltdavid personally, I wouldn’t expect it to return as hand controllers by Vive and Rift will be the new “norm”

I really enjoyed support for the Leap while using the DK2; but it makes perfect logical sense to drop support when considering things like tracking space; and near-future hand controllers.

Hope that helps. Don’t shoot the messenger.


Actually, I got leapHands.js working again 8 Dec; i.e., it should be working.


@ctrlaltdavid You mind sliding me a glass of water? This foot ain’t gonna swallow itself. :wink:

first screenshot of Capt.O in the DK2 with Leap Hands January 22nd 2015:


Thanks for the replies. Very informative and somewhat encouraging.

I’m only superficially into this so far, but I’ve a strong inclination toward ‘real hands’ vs. the clumsy, ugly mits I’ve seen so far with the controller approach. I need to see more examples, including what future potential there is, but the key attraction of hand-tracking vs. controller schemes is the direct naturalness of using your hands the way you normally do and seeing the result in direct feedback.

I’ve taken my Leap Motion out of the bottom drawer and will play with it, mostly in Unity. The Rift people seem to be using it.