Can You Fall in Love in VR? from VRScout


I thought this article was fascinating and I plan to explore the program - as I have about equal number of friends in VR as I do in real life. The depth and quality of conversation in HF is something that really sets it apart (even at this very early stage) from other social vr platforms I’ve explored.

Can You Fall in Love in VR?


I definitely think it’s possible. People can fall in love anywhere they can communicate and I already see some of the people I see every day in High Fidelity as my real friends. In fact, I’ve made an effort to meet as many of them as I can!


If people can get an emotional attachment to trees, then people can get emotionally attached to polygons.


I dont think you need VR gear to fall in Love. Seen plenty of relationships develop for in Games just fine, even prior to SL.

Even going further with various stories from various MUDs, and MUCKs.


Yes, of course Menithal. I don’t come from a gaming background - but the sense of presence in VR - seeing body language and eye movement and pretty good lip syncing and gestures that are distinctive to that person. As Michelle says -

People can fall in love anywhere they can communicate

And I think Social VR done well is a fantastic new platform for people to make new friends and new loves…just as letter writing and email, now texting, Skype, and all the new forms of communication are making it easier for people to connect over things they have in common.


No matter what we take, the imagination is the main achievement, without imagination, it will remain lifeless pixels (whether text, 2D, 3D, VR).

VR is just a new tool



People have been falling in love via the internet as far back in the days of the original messagers chat software. Places like second Life further that as you can create experiences together, spend time in places of your choosing. You can while your on live kind of a life there. What VR will do is simply make it feel closer to real life. The communication channel and movement will be more natural, how people look at each other will add to that as well. Much of communication is body language so the more you add the more potential increases in developing feelings from a look, movement and voice. Though in the metaverse much of what was considedred love was infact the inability to achieve that in real life. Maybe the question should be more can a person who in real life can find love easily enough do the same in VR or would they simply not bother?