Cannot build with voxels on all faces of placed voxel


I have noticed recently that when I place a voxel I world (with the build tool and “0”, and then I left click on a face to extend the build with extra voxels, one face cannot be extended, but the other 3 can. It seems to flash that face, even briefly deleting the voxel being touched, which the reappears, but its not extended in that direction. [on Windows including last build 962]


For me it where tricky tom place voxels, the mousepointer slightly off and you dont see the line. but there’s other tool where you get a raster. but not tried. My problem is that voxels seems to disappear after i shutdown the server.


Ok went to make a + shape and defiantly something borked in voxel land cant add a top or a side
Break out the torches and pitchforks


That’s what I observe… I can add on three sides, but not on one side face, and not on the top.


Thats a bit what happen to me to, i coudl add voxels but the appeared sometimes at the wrong place to. SO its not me… :slight_smile:


Or me…noticed the problem a few days ago.


Just playing a bit more with voxels (on my own server) but 3 sides i can place voxels and 1 side refuse to place a voxel. Sadly cannot see wich side. the stats window dont give the feedback on wich direction you look (N W S E)