Cannot buy items from marketplace


How to buy items from marketplace.
Seems impossible to do it from the website,
it’s telling me to download highfidelity.

The problem, is that you not want to buy from the tablet inside high fidelity. The screen is to small to shop nice. The known problem that it’s just not relaxed readable and browseble.

If you want to shop inside high fidelity the need to create a better shop experience instead of the current one where you only see one item on tiny screen. while i have a big monitor.

I cannot make the tablet wider to. Put it just in a normal window is much better workflow.

I need to wait with shopping until there’s a better window inworld or we can do it from the website. Or just straight from a domain mabye ?


There is a setting for that… Can’t say if the font size scale accordingly. (it depend how the web page is built)

Personally, I don’t have the problem you state with the fonts.


I only have seen a setting to scale the tablet. but wider ?