Cannot Experience HiFi


So I loaded into the Tutorial area and my character as well as domain assets were teleporting in and out of visibility based on camera angle and distance, basically most of the time my screen looked completely empty.

So I thought maybe the tutorial domain is glitched, but I was expecting it to be some client problem. I then teleported to the most populated domain and when I clicked no People the exe just crashed.

Is this normal? I do not have VR I was trying to experience it as a normal desktop application


Could you please email with this information? We’d like to help remedy this.


Also your computer might not have a powerful enough graphics card…?

The official High Fi Specs:

PC running Windows 7 64 bit or later, 8GB+ RAM, i5, Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 290

2017 Macbook Pro 15" with AMD Radeon Pro 560/2018 Macbook Pro 15" with AMD Radeon Pro 560X running Mac OS 10.9 or later with at least 8GB system memory


2017 iMac Pro running Mac OS 10.9 or later with at least 8GB system memory


When in Desktop Mode, hit Shift+L and hit “Manually Adjust Level of Detail”, then turn it all the way up.


Hi I just want to reply so you guys can close this up. It was definitely the LoD levels. They are automatically adjusted to 0.05 for me, which means everything teleports in and out of view, so I have to manually adjust them to the normal distance and everything is fine.

The code that evaluates what my default LoD should be seems to need some love. Thanks for the help, and a shoutout to the help desk ingame. You guys rock, I’m very excited to be here! :slight_smile: