Cannot get my blender model to have textures in HiFi


I have the files here for download

Basically I cannot get this model to maintain any textures or color when I import into HiFi. It looks fine in blender but the second I export it then it loses all of these properties. I usually export it as an FBX with path mode set to copy and the embed icon checked. That has worked for all of my files in the past. But for whatever reason this one will not work.

Any insight into what I need to change with this model?



The issue here is the usage of the Cycles/evee Rendering mode. Unfortunately, Blender on export to fbx does not bind textures to the models, as fbx does not support cycles materials.
Instead you must use the Blender Renderer, and bind the textures that way.

I made a tutorial video on the subject a year ago.

More blender related stuff is available on this thread:

Eventually, once we get gltf support, then cycles/evee materials may actually be finally supported.


I had the same problems and was thinking about how it can have textures baked but I don’t know if that will work.


I have been able to get the textures to bake in after following this video, but I have to say that this is far from ideal. I would imagine that getting gltf supported would be a high priority item. Without it, the development of 3d assets for this platform is hindered and requires inside knowledge. Either way, thank you for the assistance.


I had the same problems with blender.