Cannot hide HUD anymore!


The middle mouse button you use for hiding the hud is broken or changed. but nobody told us how to hide it now.

SO how can ytou hide and unhide now ?


I always press the ‘o’ key


You can also toggle hide/unhide by pressing “o”. I’m not sure what the status is on whether the middle mouse toggle is coming back or not.


I certainly hope it does not come back, the middle mouse button is used extensively during editing and the unwelcome action of it hiding the onscreen tools is counterproductive.

Thank you for removing this action, I for one am happy.


Ooo. :wink:
Yes, i agree it’s good it’s gone. it wher emore confusing then that it helped. But i could not find any hide/unhide option in the menu. Need to check it again. you would expect the Hide/Unhide to have as menu option under View.


I think we need to keep all 3 mouse buttons free and let scripters dictate what they do in their scripts.

Somebody was talking about a right click menu in hifi interface. I think that’s a bad decision.


This was mentioned in the release notes some time ago:

3342 (October 13 at 10:14 PDT)
From Pull Request: 6067

Remove overlay hiding from middle mouse button.

Because it conflicts with edit.js camera panning.
You can still toggle the overlay by using the O key.